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Vanitha Fed

The Kerala Women Co-operative Federation Ltd. No. 4440 (Vanithafed), an Apex Federation of Primary Women Co-operative Societies registered under the Kerala co-operative societies Act 1969 and headquartered at Thiruvananthapuram. The Federation was registered on 20/12/2002 and started functioning on 01/04/2003 and its area of operation is in Kerala State. At present, 489 Primary Women Co-operative Societies affiliated to Vanithafed as members.


The main objectives of the federation are to provide integrated credit and services to the beneficiaries through its member societies in an effective and co-ordinate manner for improving the social and economic condition of the women in the state. Accordingly, the federation is undertaking lending operations as well as providing project based support to member societies since inception.

Minister's Message

Our Co-operative movement was born before the country gained independence. Here the Co-operative movement emerged as part of the active involvement of the people's movements and popular struggles. There is no other Co-operative system in the country like the Co-operative movement in Kerala which has such an extensive and active co-operative system. The Co-operative Sector has a crucial role to play in the development of Kerala. The signature of the co-operative movement can be seen in all sectors of the state.

Women play an important role in the Co-operative movement. The Co-operative Movement has made a significant contribution to women's empowerment. The Women's Co-operative Federation, or VanithaFed, was created with the intent of making women more active in the co-operative sector and thereby creating employment.  The State Women's Co-operative Federation was formed to coordinate and guide the work of about 500 women co-operatives.

VanithaFed is spearheading the creation of new employment ventures, thereby creating more employment opportunities and start-ups. This website was launched as part of the VanithaFed era in this digital era. VanithaFed's work can be reached to more people through its online system. Best wishes for this innovative initiative of VanithaFed on a digital level.


With greetings,

V N Vasavan

Minister of Co-operatives

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